assume 想定する

December 5, 2016     =========

☆   assume  想定する


I’m fairly sure I’ve told you this in a previous year, but for our new readers, and as a reminder for you, here’s a great way to remember “assume”.

When you “assume” something, it means that you imagine it to be true, without actually confirming that it is true, and usually it is not. So, here is how we remember this word:
To “assume” something is to make an “ass out of u (you) and me” and in this case “ass” means fool. So when we assume something without checking if it is true or not, we (you and me) are fools.

So, if ever someone says to you, “I assume XYZ” you can show off your great English skills by telling them, “You shouldn’t assume anything, as it makes an ass out of you and me.”