common よくある

November 11, 2016     =========

☆  common  よくある


If something is common, it happens a lot or is found in large numbers. For example, Suzuki is a common name in Japan. Or earthquakes are not common in Australia, however they do happen.

One thing that many students confuse is “popular” and “common”. For example, we talk about colds being common during wintertime, but obviously, colds are not popular, just common! Some things could be both common and popular. For example, in Australia, during November, it is common for men to grow a moustache or beard to raise money for charity (for men’s health), this event is called “Movember”. It started in 2003 in Australia and is very popular, and becoming more and more common, too, as it now happens in other countries around the world. Japan is not doing it yet… maybe someone could start it!