incredibly ものすごく

November 9, 2016     =========

☆  incredibly  ものすごく


Most of the words in the Eigo Techo fall into one of three groups; adjectives, nouns, and verbs. However, sometimes we have an adverb. An adverb, as you know, is a word that adds information about the action, event or situation.

Adverbs in English, are mostly formed by adding -ly, such as today’s word, changing incredible to incredibly. Let’s look at a good example of why you would use the adverb and not the adjective:

He is incredibly handsome. (Adverb)
His handsomeness is incredible. (Adjective)
It was incredibly hard work. (Adverb)
The hardness of this work is incredible. (Adjective)

In the adjective examples, the sentence becomes awkward and it is difficult to use correct grammar unless you start to describe -ness nouns. So, if you are making an adjective (handsome) into a noun (handsomeness), in order to describe it with another adjective (incredible) then it is time to use the adverb! (incredibly)