desirable 望ましい

October 8, 2016  =========
☆ desirable 望ましい
Something that is desirable is worth having or worth doing because it is useful, necessary, or popular. Last week, I took my kids to see The Secret Life of Pets, and before the movie, there was a short 5-minute Minions cartoon. In the cartoon, the minions were watching a TV commercial for a banana blender. The commercial made the blender look so desirable – and easy to use, compared to just eating a banana – that the minions tried to earn the money to buy one.
Of course, they managed to buy one, but they got tired of pressing all the buttons when they wanted to blend bananas. So, it was lucky that the next, new desirable banana blender was now being advertised! This new improved, and very desirable blender, didn’t need you to push the on/off button! It did it itself. Ha ha.
I’m always amazed by how marketers can make things that we don’t need look so desirable! How about you?