mouthful 一口

September 20, 2016  =========
☆ mouthful 一口
Continuing on from yesterday’s talk about temptations – I guess if I were a “strong” person, then I could just have a “mouthful” of the cake and leave the rest, right? One mouthful won’t hurt my diet… but I don’t know about you, personally I find it impossible to have just one mouthful!
In the book I talked about earlier in the month, “Better than Before” she talks about this idea – some people should just have a mouthful when they are trying to diet, and some people should have none at all because they cannot stop after just one mouthful. Are you the sort of person who can have just one mouthful of something – for example, one mouthful of cake or one mouthful of wine? I’m not… it’s all or nothing for me. Lol 🙂