flexible 柔軟性のある

September 16, 2016  =========
☆ flexible 柔軟性のある
Being flexible means that you are able to change and adapt easily to different conditions or circumstances. Do you think being flexible is important to staying in shape? I think it is really important! For me, with young kids it is not always easy to find time to exercise, so I need to be flexible with my plans – sometimes I plan to run in the morning at 5am for example, but if my child is sick or wakes up early, then of course I cannot go.
With eating too, I like to decide the menu for the week ahead because it makes dinner time much smoother and easier. However, sometimes when I can’t make what I had planned because we don’t have the right ingredients or work was too busy so I don’t have enough time. In those times I have to be flexible and change the menu – or buy takeout… 😉
Do you think you are flexible? In what way does being flexible help you?