adopt 身につける

September 11, 2016  =========
☆ adopt 身につける
When you adopt a new attitude, plan, or way of behaving, you begin to have that thing. It is common, for example, to talk about adopting new habits. In fact, if you do a Google search for “adopt a habit” you’ll get about 16 million results! Wow!
Last year I read a great book about adopting new habits, by Gretchen Rubin, called “Better than Before.” In this book she says that there are four main personalities that people fit into, and depending on which personality you are, then the method to adopt a new habit will be different. Do you find it easy or difficult to adopt new habits?
If it is difficult, maybe you should take a look at this book! At the moment though there is no Japanese translation – so you can learn about adopting new habits AND improve your English at the same time. 🙂