loathe 嫌う

September 8, 2016  =========
☆ loathe 嫌う
Today’s word is the opposite of yesterday, and again, although it seems like a strong word, it is fine to use “loathe” when talking about foods you loathe, or the things you loathe doing.
I have a lot of friends that like to stay in shape, but they loathe running, so they go to the gym instead. Is there anything you loathe doing to stay fit? Even though you loathe doing it, do you still do it? I have a friend who loathes running, but still does it – only they complain about it all the time! They are not much fun to run with!
Another example from my life would be natto – even though I know it’s healthy, I still loathe it and cannot bear to eat it. Are there any foods you loathe?