abundance (生活の)豊かさ

August 31, 2016 =========
☆ abundance (生活の)豊かさ
When you have an abundance of something, you have a lot of it. You can use it to talk about wealth and money: My life is filled with abundance. Or you can use it to talk about things not necessarily connected to money. For example, Australia has an abundance of native wildlife. Or my hometown has an abundance of safe, beautiful beaches.
How about your own life? Is it filled with abundance? This is the Q & A question at the end of August in the Eigo Techo, so you can have a look at some sample answers in there. Then come to the Facebook page and tell me about all the abundance you have in your life. If you can’t think of anything, remember yesterday’s word, and pay attention to the abundance in your life and I’m sure you’ll find more and more!
See you next month!