passenger mentality 受け身の考え方

August 29, 2016 =========
☆ passenger mentality 受け身の考え方
Have you heard this word before? When we talk about “mentality” we mean attitude, personality, or character. I’m sure you know what passenger is, right? If you’re in a car, there’s a driver and a passenger – the driver is active, the passenger is passive – the passenger doesn’t need to do anything to make the car go to the destination.
So, when we talk about a passenger mentality, we are talking about someone who has a passive personality; they do not take active steps in their own life to create the life they want. If you feel like you are stuck in passenger mentality mode, an interesting thing you can try is to rephrase your words and sentences into the active mode – in English, that would mean using “I” and words like “want to” rather than “have to.”