think big 野心的に考える

August 7, 2016  =========
☆ think big 野心的に考える
“Think big” has actually become a kind of catch phrase for business people. In fact, if you do a google search for “think big” you’ll find so many different images and versions of this verb – yes, that’s right, it can be considered a verb now because it is so commonly used. So instead of it being the verb “think” plus the adjective “big”, it is actually a verb phrase as it is: Think big.
But what does it mean, really? In the simplest definition, think big means “be ambitious.” If you’re going to plan something, plan something that will be difficult to achieve, that will push you to grow and develop yourself in order to achieve it. So, instead of thinking small, for example, “I’m going to increase my income by 100,000yen a year,” think big and aim for an increase of 1,000,000yen. Or think bigger and aim to increase your income by 10,000,000yen a year!!! Have you been thinking big recently? I hope so!