frequently 頻繁に

July 30, 2016 =========
☆ frequently 頻繁に
If something happens frequently, it happens often. Other words you can use instead of frequency are often, habitually, many times, and repeatedly. You can use “frequently” when you want to compare things, so something might happen “more frequently” than something else. Or boy might make a mistake “most frequently” compared to girls.
If you know the exact amount of times something happens, for example, four times a week, then you might want to just use the exact expression. However, if you’re not sure how frequently something happens, or if you just want to be less precise, then use “frequently” instead of giving the exact number of times. For example, if you get this ezine each day, but don’t find time to read it each day, instead of saying, “I read it every day.” you could say, “I read it frequently.” 🙂