workflow 仕事の流れ

July 17, 2016  =========
☆ workflow 仕事の流れ
Your “workflow” is the steps in a task that you are doing that will lead to the completion of that task; the final outcome. For example, in a publishing business, the workflow might be that a writer produces a document, then the editor edits it, and the proofreader checks it.
During each stage of the workflow someone has a task that they have to do. Often, computer systems can be set up to facilitate workflow and to make everything run smoothly. In the publishing company example above, the computer system might automatically send the document from the writer to the editor to the proofreader to production. Once each person has completed their task, the workflow system makes sure that the next person in the process gets a notification and information about what they need to do. Do you have this kind of workflow set up at your work – or house?