take ~ into account 考慮に入れる

July 24, 2016 =========
☆ take ~ into account 考慮に入れる
“Account” is used in many different phrasal verbs, and if you look in your dictionary, you’ll find a lot of different ways to use it. So today, let’s look at “take something into account.” If you take X into account, it means that you are considering X when deciding what to do about a situation. It can be used either as “take X into account” or “take into account X.” Here are some example sentences:
The city planners need to take into account the opinions of the people who live in the area.
We will take your many years of experience into account when making our decision.
I have to take my mother into account when planning a vacation as she is not well these days.
I hope you’ll take my ideas into account before you make your choice.
Can you use “take into account” in a sentence?