declutter 取り除く

July 22, 2016  =========
☆ declutter 取り除く
Last month, I read KonMari’s book, “Spark Joy” – I’m not sure what the Japanese title is, but it is the book which has illustrations on how to do the “KonMari Method.” To be honest, the illustrations weren’t that useful, but the content was good motivation to start to declutter my house again.
I am pretty good at decluttering, but when I have decluttered my house in the past, I have been thinking about whether to throw something away, whereas KonMari suggests that you think about whether to keep something. I think this is a very subtle difference, but it is important for people who want to declutter. To me, I feel that if you think about “should I keep this?” it seems like a positive way to declutter. Whereas, if you think about “should I throw this away?” it seems like a negative nuance, and wasteful…
What do you think? Are you good at decluttering? I wish I were better at decluttering – I love the idea of being surrounded by only things that I love!