significant 重大な

July 10, 2016  =========
☆ significant 重大な
If something is significant, then it is important or big. You could say that it is the opposite of yesterday’s word. So, here’s an example comparing them:
This food has a significant amount of protein. (a lot)
This food has a minimal amount of protein. (almost not protein)
Or, using another example from yesterday, “This drug has minimal side effects, however it has a very significant effect on the disease.” Meaning that it is a good drug for the patients.
One other way to use “significant” is to use it in the noun, “significant other.” In this case, “other” is your partner (spouse or girl/boyfriend.) For example, “He is my significant other.” means that he is your partner or someone you are having a relationship, in other words they are an “important” person to you.