recreation 気晴らし

May 31, 2016 =========
☆ recreation 気晴らし
The end of the month Question and Answer, poses this question: What do you do for rest and recreation? “Recreation” is often used in this way, paired with “rest.” In fact, this is commonly known as “R&R” and is used like this: “You need some R&R.” Or “I haven’t had any time off in a while, I am due for some R&R.”
So, back to the question, what do you do for rest and recreation? I love reading, running, and spending time at the beach. I also love hiking, and we have some lovely places to hike near where I live, but my kids always complain it is too hard / too hilly for them, so I don’t get much R&R if I take them with me! So how about you, what do you do for R&R?
See you next month,