fruitful 実りある

March 24, 2015 =========
☆ fruitful 実りある
Today’s word means “producing good results” or “beneficial”. It can also mean “profitable” but it doesn’t have to be used in connection with money and business. So for example, I was looking in my dictionary to see some example sentences of this word, and one of them was “It wasn’t a fruitful day.” This could mean that a salesperson tried to get a few new customers and couldn’t get any, or it could mean that a university student was doing some research for a project and couldn’t find anything useful.
Or in my case, while I was experiencing a lot of stress from not receiving my laptop, I had two things causing my days not be fruitful… firstly the stress of not knowing if I would get my money back, and secondly the problem of how to work with a laptop that doesn’t work properly!! So, I could actually say, “It hasn’t been a fruitful month!!!” ha ha.
I hope you are having a fruitful month. 🙂