heartfelt  心から

February 4, 2015 =========
☆ heartfelt  心から
You can use “heartfelt” to describe a deep or sincere feeling. It is often used in written communication. For example if you are writing a note, or even a comment on Facebook, to someone who has suffered a loss, you might write, “Please accept my heartfelt sympathy.”
In fact, if you ever needed to write a heartfelt message or a sympathetic message to someone for whatever reason (e.g. a death, lost job, divorce) you could Google, “heartfelt message” plus the reason, and Google will give you some links with good example sentences! There are many pages filled with examples you can copy such as the page “30 heartfelt sympathy messages.” And of course, this word is not just for sad times, you can also find heartfelt messages for love and romance. Google knows everything!! 😉