pause 一瞬沈黙する

January 21, 2015 =========
☆ pause 一瞬沈黙する
When you pause while you are doing something, you stop for a short period of time and then continue. Some obvious times when you might pause are when you are talking and want a moment to think. You might pause while you are telling a story when you want to add drama or excitement to what you are saying. I’ve talked about my friend who talks *all the time* in past emails, she can talk for hours without pausing for a breath!
You might also pause to clear your throat. Or when you are working, you might “work steadily without pausing even for a coffee break. When you leave somewhere, you might pause at the door in order to say one last goodbye. Another time when pausing can be helpful is when you are about to hit the “send” button on an email or text – if you pause, take a moment to re-read what you have written sometimes you might find a mistake to correct or even decide not to send it at all!
When are some other times that you might pause when doing something?