make sense 筋が通る

January 19, 2015 =========
☆ make sense 筋が通る
If something makes sense, you can understand it. Like the useful phrase for this week, “Does this make sense to you?” In other words, can you understand what I am saying, does it seem logical and correct to you? If you have been thinking about something and finally get enough information to understand that thing, then it is common to say, “It all makes sense now.” Another common phrase you might here – especially if you have kids studying difficult things at school is, “This makes no sense!”
Another way to use “make sense” is for when you are talking about an action. If an action makes sense, then you believe it is sensible to do that action. For example, “We need to think about the cost of the project and see if it makes sense for the business to do it or not.” Or “It makes sense to look after yourself and exercise regularly.”