grow attached to ~ ~に愛着が湧く

December 30, 2015 =========
☆ grow attached to ~ ~に愛着が湧く
When you grow attached to something or someone your feelings for that thing or person gets stronger as time passes. Naturally this kind of verb is most often used to describe feelings toward another person, but you can definitely use it for “things” too. For example, I hope that over the past year(s) of reading this mini mail each day, you have grown attached to reading it. 🙂
You can grow attached to a house or an apartment. You can grow attached to a city or somewhere you have visited. For example, after living in Japan for many years, I grew attached to the lifestyle and culture. Or a pet, “She grew so attached to the foster dog she was caring for that she decided to adopt him.”
What are you growing attached to at the moment?