adapt  適応する

December 18, 2015 =========
☆ adapt  適応する
One of my favorite bands when I was growing up was The Cure from England. Have you ever heard of them? I’m sure they’re all really old and wrinkled by now, but I loved them way back when! So, they had a lyric in one of their songs, “You have to adapt or you’ll be out of style.” And for someone reason this has stuck in my head from the day I heard it.
Basically what “adapt” means is to change your ideas or behavior in order to deal with a new situation successfully. The new situation could just mean a new fashion style, like the song was suggesting, “adapt or you’ll be out of style” if you don’t change the way you dress. Or it could mean that you have moved to a new job or a new city, and you need to adapt your ideas and behaviors to deal with that new situation.
Have you had to adapt to anything recently? What was it? How did you adapt; what did you change? Were you successful?