fulfillment 充足感

November 30, 2015 =========
☆ fulfillment 充足感
This month’s Q&A at the end of November has the question, “Apart from your work, what else gives you fulfillment?” When I wrote that question I didn’t really what an assumption I was making! Can you see what I mean? In the question, “apart from your work” and “what else” … both of these parts of the sentence mean that I am assuming that your work DOES give you fulfillment, but in fact many people don’t get fulfillment from their job!
I guess, my question could have been, “Does your work give you fulfillment? If it does, what else gives you fulfillment?” Then I could have added this question, “If your job doesn’t give you fulfillment, what does?” It’s only a little bit different to the original question, but the nuance can be very different if you don’t get fulfillment from your job, don’t you think?
So, do you get fulfillment from your work? I do – and I hope you do too!
See you next month,