complain 不満を言う

November 21, 2015 =========
☆ complain 不満を言う
When I was working in an office environment in Japan, at an English school (I was the manager and trainer, and sometimes teacher) I spent a lot of time with the Japanese staff. One of them said to me, “you complain a lot!” It was such a shock…I never really thought about it, but I certainly didn’t think that I was someone who complained!
After thinking about it, I realized that it was probably more of a cultural difference than that I was complaining too much! We spoke in English, and so sometimes when I said things that were just “facts” for me, he thought I was complaining. For example, “it’s hot” or “the trains are so crowded!” When I said these, I wasn’t feeling like I was complaining, I was just saying “my” truth. However, I guess it sounded to him like I was “always” complaining. Oh dear!
The good thing is though, that I made an effort to talk in a way that couldn’t be seen as complaining. For example, instead I said, “It’s hot today, I love the hot weather.” Or “The trains are so crowded but I got a seat this morning!” Do you ever complain? Could you change your way of speaking so that it is positive?