waste 浪費

October 27, 2015 =========
☆ waste 浪費
Today’s word is most often used in this manner: “It is a waste of….” Can you imagine what word would come next? The most common words are: time, money, opportunity, energy. Let’s look at some example:
It is a waste of time going to the doctor when you have a common cold.
That restaurant is a total waste of money!
I can’t believe he never followed up about it. Such a waste of a good opportunity.
Worrying about it is a waste of energy. Just go for it!
When we use “waste” like this, we mean that we are using too much time, money, or energy on something. Or that we are missing out on a good opportunity. Has there been a time in your life recently, when you thought something was a waste of time or energy?