choose 選ぶ

October 25, 2015 =========
☆ choose 選ぶ
We talked before about “pick” and “choose” being similar in meaning. Another similar word is “select.” “Select” is much more formal than choose or pick. For example:
The teacher selected books for the class to study.
The student wanted to choose his own book/pick his own book.
We also use “to do” with “choose” as in “choose to do.” This means that someone does something because they want to or it feels like the right choice. We don’t use “select” or “pick” in this way. In other words, we wouldn’t say “select to do” or “pick to do.”
She chose to have a baby without getting married.
He didn’t choose to quit his job, he was fired.
The way we choose to spend our free time is very important.