pick 選ぶ

October 2, 2015 =========
☆ pick 選ぶ
Well, of course, I’m going to mention the Eigo Techo today (you can check out the pink version here: goo.gl/ojvaZA) because, well, there are three colours (pink, black, champagne white) and two sizes (regular or mini) so how on earth do you “pick” which one you want! Choices, choices!! Ha ha, actually for me, I always pick the mini as it fits nicely in my bag. And of course, this year I’m going to pick pink! It’s fantastic, so I’ll be picking pink this year. What color will you pick?
One other thing about today’s word, you probably know that this word is usually translated as “choose” but in fact, “pick” is an alternative that is often used by native speakers. They mean the same thing, and so it’s OK to use the word that you feel most comfortable using. In other words, you can “pick and choose”… The idiom “pick and choose” means to “select” the best from a number of alternatives.