style スタイル

September 8, 2015 =========
☆ style スタイル
Do you know Taylor Swift? She is a US pop singer. She is well known for basing her songs on her personal life. Her latest CD has the song, “Blank Space” on it, which is about her relationship with the singer from One Direction, Harry Styles. And although they broke up after a short time dating, she also has a song called, “Style” which uses his name as the title, and has the main phrase, “cause we never go out of style.” meaning that even though they have broken up, they will always be in style as a couple if they ever got together again.
And interestingly, she is also trying to trademark some of the catchy phrases from her most recent songs. If she is allowed to trademark them, it means that no other singer could use them in their songs, and if anyone put the phrases on a t-shirt or coffee mug, they would have to pay her for the rights to use the phrase! “Cause we never go out of style” is just one of the phrases she wants to trademark. What do you think of this? Good idea or is it crazy to try and trademark a phrase?