dislike 嫌う

August 12, 2015 =========
☆ dislike 嫌う
If you dislike something or someone, then you find that thing or person unpleasant.
She dislikes the opera.
My son dislikes meat.
I disliked him from the moment I met him.
You can also say that you “dislike doing something.” For example:
I really dislike cleaning the car.
My boss dislikes using the computer, so we communicate by phone not email.
As you can see, we don’t say, “dislikes to do something”, instead we use the “ing” form.
I really dislike to clean my car. NG.
My boss dislikes to use the computer. NG.
I dislike waking up early in winter to do my running training because it’s so cold and dark. Is there anything you dislike doing? What is it and why do you dislike doing it?