confide (秘密など)打ち明ける

August 10, 2015  =========
☆ confide (秘密など)打ち明ける
Sometimes a word reminds me instantly of a song I like, for example, today’s word reminded me of the Kylie Minogue song, “Confide in Me” and sometimes those lyrics can be helpful to understand the meaning in context. Here are some of the lyrics for you to look at:
“Our problems should be shared. Confide in me.”
“I can keep a secret, and throw away the key.”
Actually those are the two key lyrics. The rest of the lyrics are a bit strange and don’t really make much sense! Oh well! But in any case, it is easy to see the meaning of “confide” based on these two sentences, don’t you think? Sometimes songs can be really helpful for learning new words especially since our brain learns and remembers more easily when there is a strong connection to the word.