ball game  状況

July 12, 2015 =========
☆ ball game  状況
Have you ever heard the saying, “That’s a whole new(other) ball game!”? This is a common idiom in American English, meaning that the situation is completely different, and usually more difficult than you were expecting.
For example, a friend of mine ran a 6-day event in the Australian desert at the beginning of this month. It was a marathon each day for 6 days! Crazy! Now she is a fast runner and often runs long distances, so we expected she could do this easily, but her comment on day one was that “Running a marathon in the desert, on sand, is a whole other ball game.” In other words, running a marathon on the sandy desert is completely different than running one on the road.
Another example could be “Living in an English speaking country is a whole new ball game.” You could say this if you have travelled in English speaking countries, but then decided to try living in one for a while. If it were very different – or harder – than you were expecting, based on your travel experiences, then you could use this phrase.