adulthood 大人であること

June 25, 2015 =========
☆ adulthood 大人であること
Adulthood is the state of being an adult. In my dictionary, there is a sample sentence, “Few people nowadays are able to maintain friendships into adulthood.” What do you think about this? Is it true for you? Do you still have contact with friends from when you were younger now that you are into adulthood?
I actually think that Japanese people are really good at keeping up friendships. Many of my clients talk about a yearly get-together with friends from junior high or high school. This amazes me, as I don’t have much contact with people I knew when I was younger. I think social networking has helped us maintain friendships into adulthood, but I rarely see those old friends face to face, because everyone is “so busy!” How about you? Do you still manage to see friends in person from when you were younger?