delicate 繊細な

June 15, 2015 =========
☆ delicate 繊細な
There are a few different ways to use “delicate.” Firstly, you can describe something that is small and beautiful as being delicate (in other words dainty.) “He had delicate hands for a man.” Or “The tree had large red-colored leaves and a delicate blossom.”
You can say that something has a delicate color, taste, or smell, which is pleasant and not too strong (in other words, subtle, not strong.) For example, “The soup had a delicate flavor with a hint of nutmeg.” “I love his art; he always uses such delicate colors.”
Something that is delicate is easy to damage or break, and should be treated carefully (in other words, fragile.) “The coral in the Great Barrier Reef looks hard but it is very delicate.”
Another interesting way to use delicate is to describe a situation or problem that needs to be dealt with carefully and sensitively in order to avoid upsetting or offending people (in other words, sensitive, tactful). “This book tackles the delicate issue of divorce and kids with care and simplicity.”
Can you use delicate in a sentence in one of these ways?