stage 時期

June 5, 2015 =========
☆ stage 時期
A stage of an activity or process is one part of it. So when we talk about our lives, we can talk about the stage of life we are in. It’s common to use “stage” when talking about development of children. For example, there is the “infant stage” which is 0-2 years, the “toddler stage” which is 2-5 years. Next they are in the “school age stage” which is 6-12 years. Then from 13-18 they are in the “adolescent stage.”
The stages of life after the adolescent/teenager stage are not so well defined, but basically they are “early adulthood stage” which is 18-35. “Midlife stage” which is 35 – 50. Then “Mature adulthood” which is 50-80. And finally “Late adulthood” which is 80 and onwards. Are the stages of life broken down into similar stages in Japan?