generation  世代

June 3, 2015 =========
☆ generation  世代
When I was looking online for some information about the different generations, I found some scary information about the Generation Z group. Generation Z includes people born from 1995 – 2009, and the statistics show that 77.9% of men and 61.8% of women are likely to be obese when they reach adulthood! Oh my goodness, that is terrible!
So, then I was wondering… what comes after Gen Z? We’ve had generation X, and the millennials (generation Y), and then generation Z… what are the people born after 2009 known as? It was a bit silly to start at the letter X, wasn’t it!! I read an article saying that they might be called the generation Alpha, so we would go back to the letter A and start again. Gen Tech and Gen Net were also suggested but it seems like generation alpha is the most popular one… what are these kids being called in Japan? Is there a name for this 2010 onwards generation yet?