take a chance 一か八かやってみる

May 10, 2015  =========
☆ take a chance 一か八かやってみる
Do you know the Swedish pop group ABBA. They have a great song from 1977 called “Take a chance on me.” You can watch and listen here:

If you watch it you’ll see the two female singers from ABBA winking at the camera trying to be sexy. Ha ha. This video made me laugh but I guess it is almost 40 years old!! Wow!
“Take a chance” means go for it, do what you want to do and risk it; jump in and don’t think about the consequences.
So, what does “take a chance on me” mean? This is actually something that people say and it’s not just a pop song lyric! It means to give the person a go. It might be a girl asking a guy to go out with her, even though he seems to want to say no (as in the ABBA song). Or it could be a situation at work, where you want your boss to give you more responsibility or a promotion. If you’re worried that your boss might not think you are ready for the promotion or extra responsibility, then you’d say, “take a chance on me,” which basically means you want them to risk it because you know you can do it and want the opportunity to prove it to them.