beautiful 美しい

April 19, 2015 =========
☆ beautiful 美しい
Today’s word is another easy one, right? So instead of talking about the word, let’s talk about some nuances of this word.
Firstly, if you say someone is beautiful you mean that they are nicer to look at that if you said attractive, good-looking, handsome, or pretty.
Secondly, when you say that someone “looks nice” or “looks beautiful”, you are describing their appearance, however, if you say something like, “he is a nice man” or “she is a beautiful woman” you are usually describing their personality. When you use the word “lovely” to describe someone, as in “he was a lovely man”, this too is talking about their personality and character, not their looks.
It’s OK, and common, to say that young boys are pretty or beautiful, but once they are a bit older, we describe them as handsome, otherwise it implies that they have a delicate or feminine appearance.