attract 引き付ける

March 15, 2015 =========
☆ attract 引き付ける
There’s an idiom, “opposites attract”, meaning that we tend to be attracted to people that are different from us. The differences – in things such as hobbies, habits, personality, and interests – make the other person seem fresh and interesting.
Do you like karaoke? If so, there is a song from the 80’s that could help you practice today’s word, and learn more about the idea of “opposites attract” too! It’s called, “Opposites Attract” and it is by Paula Abdul. In the song she sings about some of the differences between her and her partner, for example:
movie vs. TV
party all night vs. go to bed early
move fast vs. move slow
shout vs. quiet
broke vs. lots of money
Despite all these differences, “opposites attract” and they seem to find a common ground. Great song for English learning!