active 活発な

March 4, 2015 =========
☆ active 活発な
One thing I love about Japan is how older people are still very active even after retiring. It is common to see older people riding bicycles, cleaning the snow off their houses in winter, and working in the garden, right? In Australia, older people are a lot less active – they drive cars, pay people to do jobs such as garden and clearing snow… it’s not a good situation, really because if you don’t lead an active lifestyle, it’s easy to get sick and “old age” is much harder, I think.
What do you think? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Do you plan to remain active once you have retired or as you get older? Why do you think Japanese people are more active than westerners? Is it a cultural thing, or is there some other reason? I plan to follow the “Japanese way” and lead an active life till the very end!!