hope  願う

February 19, 2015 =========
☆ hope  願う
Today’s word, “hope” can be used as a verb or a noun. When we use it as a verb, we are saying that we want something to be true or to happen. For example:
I entered the room quietly, hoping that no one would notice I was late.
I hope she doesn’t cry when I tell her the news.
You can also use “I hope” to express a wish for someone else, such as a wish that they get well or enjoy themselves. In this case, you can use present or future tense. For example:
“I hope you get well soon.”
I hope you enjoy your stay in Tokyo.
I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to Canada.
And “I hope so.” is a phrase that you can to respond anytime when you wish that something is the case, or will be true.
A: Will you be home by 6pm?
B: I hope so.
A: Will you be at the party next weekend?
B: I hope so.
You can use, “I hope not.” when you wish the fact is not true.
A: You haven’t lost your ticket have you?
B: I hope not!
We don’t ever say, “I hope it.” or “I don’t hope so.” The set phrases are: “I hope so” and “I hope not.”