search  探す

February 16, 2015 =========
☆ search  探す
Today’s word is used in the “useful phrases” this week, with the sentence, “I’ve searched everywhere.” If you are a parent, you have probably heard your kids say this a lot (in Japanese, I guess!) My boys are always saying it – not about important things because things like school bags and related items all have a place to be put so we don’t have to search for them.
But they are always asking for me to help them search for their toys… I don’t know why they think I would know where they are!! Maybe they think I have been playing with their toys while they were at school?! I don’t know, but they always say things like:
I’ve searched everywhere!
Can you help me search/look for it?
You search for it mum!!
Do people in your home or work life ask you to search for things that they can’t find – is it because they really can’t find it, or because they can’t be bothered looking? For my boys, I’m fairly sure that they just can’t be bothered searching for it themselves. (>_<)