personal  個人の

February 14, 2015 =========
☆ personal  個人の
Happy Valentine’s Day!! In Australia, there is no “White day” only Valentine’s Day, so both women and men exchange gifts – if they want to. I was supposed to be running a race tonight – and the prize (for everyone) was a bag of yummy chocolate, but today is going to be 41 degrees, so sadly the race has been postponed. I sure hope we still get the chocolates!!
And back to today’s word!! There are two ways to use this word. The first meaning is like the Japanese translation meaning, “individual” or “private” or “own”. For example, your personal opinion is your own opinion. The prime minister has his personal bodyguard, meaning his own, or his private bodyguard. Personal belongings are things that belong to you.
The second way the word can be used is in a mean or nasty way. For example, if someone makes a “personal comment” about another person, it means that they have talked about that person’s appearance or character in an offensive way. “The newspaper article included personal attacks on the businessman.” Or “my boss made personal remarks about my report, instead of directly commenting on the content.”