youthful  若い

February 9, 2015 =========
☆ youthful  若い
Someone who is youthful behaves as if they are young or younger than they really are. For example;
She’s a very youthful 50.
He has a real youthful enthusiasm and is always happy.
I wish I knew the secret of her youthful looks!
Youthful is considered a compliment for older people I think, however some alternatives such as “boyish”, “girlish” and “childish” have the same meaning, but are not as flattering. For example, it is great for a 50 year old to look youthful, but she might not want to look girlish. A man might be very healthy and youthful at 50, but probably wouldn’t want to be described as boyish. “Boyish” and “girlish” and “childish” all imply a bit of immaturity. Whereas, “youthful” has the feeling of “youth” and “maturity” together – a good mix!