hinder  妨げになる

January 27, 2015 =========
☆ hinder  妨げになる
Today’s word is used in the End of Month Q&A. The question is “What is one thing hindering you from achieving your goals?” Thinking about your goals for English this year, what is one thing hindering you? Is it confidence? Is it lack of time to study? Or maybe lack of motivation because you don’t feel like you are improving? Or something else?
Once you know what is hindering you, you can start to make a plan to overcome that obstacle. For more confidence, you can practice in advance when you know you’ll need to use English. Lack of time can be overcome by scheduling time in your week like an appointment to study. Lack of motivation might mean you need to set a goal like taking the TOEIC test so you can really see that you are improving.
What is hindering you, and how can you overcome it?