acknowledge 認める

January 4, 2015 =========
☆ acknowledge 認める
If you acknowledge a fact or situation, it means that you accept it is true. This is a formal
use of the word “acknowledge” and is similar in meaning to “admit”. For example:
The government acknowledged the problem. (The government admitted there was a
Tobacco companies have acknowledged that there is a risk of cancer when you smoke.
(Tobacco companies have admitted that there is a risk of cancer when you smoke.)
I wish the doctor would acknowledge that he made a mistake in his diagnosis.
And one for me, I acknowledge that my “mini” mails got quite long towards the end of
last year, so I will try and keep them “mini” and short this year. 😉 And remember if you
have any feedback, email me or contact me on Facebook anytime. (I also acknowledge
that I wasn’t on Facebook very much last year, I’ll try harder this year!)