joy 喜び

December 18, 2014 =========
☆ joy 喜び
As you know, “joy” is a feeling of great happiness. It’s funny though, because you “shout with joy” and “cry tears of joy” and both crying and shouting are usually associated with unhappiness!
We also have an informal phrase, “get no joy” which is often used in the UK and Australia, to mean that you do not have success or luck in achieving what you are trying to do. For example, “He got no joy when he asked her to marry him.” In other words, she said no.
When you come across a word in the Eigo Techo that you already know, try to look for ways to increase your understanding of that word; for example, look for words with similar meanings, or words that mean the opposite. Or you can look for phrases and idioms that use the word of the day, for example, “get no joy” or “pride and joy” (meaning something that is very important to you, for example, “his new car is his pride and joy.”)