craze  流行

November 14, 2014 =========
☆ craze  流行
Oh my goodness, are loom bands a craze in Japan? Actually, the craze has died down a little here, but earlier in the year, they were such a huge craze that my son begged me to get him the loom band kit, so he could make them!! I knew it was a popular craze for girls, but turns out making loom bands was hugely popular for boys too. How about in Japan? Were they or are they popular? If they weren’t popular, you might not even know what I’m talking about!! Oh no! But they were a huge craze this year, even the Duchess of York and David Beckham were seen wearing them:
It always amazes me how people can come up with such strange ideas and if they become a hit or craze, like loom bands did, the inventor becomes an instant millionaire! The inventor is a Malaysian man who has been living in the USA for 16 years now. He was testing seat belt technology when he came up with the idea as a gift for his teenage daughters!—3900153
It’s not just a craze, it’s crazy!!!