assurance  断言

August 24, 2014 =========
☆ assurance  断言
This is a difficult word, quite formal. Do you know it? Have you ever used it before? It can be used in the same way that you would use “promise” or “word” or “guarantee.”
You have my assurance that XYZ will not happen.
You have my promise that XYZ will not happen.
You have my word that XYZ will not happen.
You have my guarantee that XYZ will not happen.
When you give someone your assurance you are basically promising that something will (or will not) happen. You are saying it so that the other person feels less worried. For example, you might give your assurance to a customer that their product will arrive on time.
Earlier in the month, we talked about when a word is used as a noun or a verb, and in all honesty, this is a noun that is quite formal, and so it is actually more often used as a verb. So, instead of “I give you my assurance that…” you would be more likely to say, “I assure you that…” However, both are perfectly good sentences, so use whichever you prefer!