describe  描写する

June 22, 2014 =========
☆ describe  描写する
I really like today’s word – so much more interesting to say “describe” instead of “tell”. There are a couple of rules on how to use “describe”, do you know them? They aren’t that hard, it’s just about the order of the words in the sentence.
When you describe a direct object, it’s simple, just use it like this:
Could you describe your son?
He described a meal he had cooked.

When you have a direct object and indirect object, the direct object goes first.
Could you describe your son to me?
He described a meal he had cooked to the students.
When you use it with a “wh”-clause, it’s simple again:
The man described what his son looked like.
The chef described how he had cooked the meal.
When you use it with an indirect object, this time, the indirect object goes first.
I can’t describe to you what the man looked like.
It was difficult to describe to him what had happened during the incident.
Hope that helps!